This oat bran scrub with honey, lemon and coconut is perfect for sensitive skin

Why this oat bran scrub needs to be a part of your beauty routine (and how you can prepare it in 2 minutes)!

No matter if you are looking for very first DIY beauty hack, or if you are already a regular do-it-yourselfer, the team at AND SHINE is on a mission to share with you the most effective DIY home spa treatments that you can mix together with all natural ingredients – conveniently, with few ingredients that can probably all be found in your kitchen.

AND SHINE’s project manager Paola, a self-declared natural cosmetics fan, who is constantly asked to share her beauty tips with her friends, shares her favorite tried and approved DIY cosmetics recipes to naturally pamper face, body and hair in our blog.

“Hi everyone, it’s Paola again. Today I want to tell you a little secret that I use when I want to pamper myself and prep my skin to feel smooth and silky to the touch. It’s the first step to maximize the benefit of any beauty treatment, mask or cream. YES! I am talking about a natural skin scrub or skin exfoliant! I highly recommend it to complement my other DIY beauty recipes and face masks: DIY FACE MASK WITH Coconut Oil, Lemon and Honey and the DIY FACE MASK WITH YOGURT AND TURMERIC.

Exfoliating your face and body once a week or every other week is as important as cleansing your face every day. Peeling yourself will help eliminate the dead skin cell barrier that is clogging your skin, revealing a fresh new layer of skin. The exfoliation process will leave your skin looking healthier plus any skin care product used in your routine will work better and more effectively on your skin.

Chemical vs physical scubs

There are a huge variety of scrubs out there but the most important distinction is between a physical and a chemical exfoliant or peel. Chemical exfoliants use chemicals to remove dead skin cells, while physical scrubs use textures like grains or brush bristles to do the same. Today we will be focusing on delicate physical exfoliants based on natural ingredients. In general, any natural and delicate scrub may do the job, but as you experiment with them, you will notice that some ingredients and textures will feel better on your skin than others.

Today, I am sharing with you an oat bran base scrub, which is delicate on your skin and super easy to make. This peeling DIY is the one I use when I feel my skin is a bit more sensitive due to sun exposure or simply because at that moment my skin feels that way. Compared to sugar which can also be used in a face scrub, oat bran particles feel smooth and supple, and will become softer as they are mixed with the other ingredients, resulting in a delicate scrub and exfoliant, perfect for the whole body and delicate enough for face, neck and neckline.

Oat bran face and body scrub

What I personally like about the oat bran scrub, is that you can feel how they remove dirt and oil clogging our pores without leaving your skin feeling dry. As it removes the excess oil, it can also help treat acne and has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that treat dry skin. It really is one of my favorite beauty ingredients!

How to prepare your oat bran scrub with honey, coconut oil and lemon juice 

    You need: 

    • Oat bran: 35 gr or 3 full soup spoons
    • Coconut oil: 9ml or 2 full soup spoons
    • Honey: 17ml or 1 full soup spoon
    • Lemon juice: 8ml or 4 teaspoons

    Note: Whether you have a scale at home or not, I will always give you the recipe in proportions that are easy to measure with current house hold items.. 


    Gently apply the mixture to your skin or body and start massaging in circles. Massage until you feel you have covered every part you wish to exfoliate. Let it sit for a few moments and remove with water.

    If you like the feeling coconut oil and honey will leave on your skin, removing the scrub with water will be enough. On the contrary, cleanse your skin with your daily face soap.


    As you mix the ingredients please remember that is all about the texture. Once mixed, grab a bit between your fingers and feel its appearance. You will probably prefer a more compact texture, so feel free to add a bit more of oat bran and honey. In this case, honey is what binds together all the ingredients. On the contrary, adding a bit more of coconut oil or lemon juice will help reduce the consistency of the scrub, creating a smoother texture.

    When you make cosmetics yourself, it is all a matter of experimenting and finding the right proportion for you. In my experience, I have tried the same scrub a couple of times before finding the right texture and proportions I like.

    Personal note: I always work with proportions that will probably be too much to use for the face alone. That is because I never, but never forget to scrub my neck and décolleté. I make sure I use enough quantity in every single part of my face, neck and décolleté to assure a proper exfoliation. In case there is remaining product, I will finish it up in my arms or legs. Feel free to double the proportions and do a body peeling yourself on your whole body as well."

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