Brightening face mask with coconut oil, lemon juice and honey

Make your own deep cleaning and skin-brightening face mask with natural ingredients coconut oil, lemon and honey and a sweet smell of summer!

No matter if you are looking for very first DIY face mask, or if you are already a regular do-it-yourselfer, the team at AND SHINE is on a mission to share with you the most effective DIY home spa treatments that you can mix together with all natural ingredients – conveniently, with few ingredients that can probably all be found in your kitchen.

AND SHINE’s project manager Paola, a self-declared natural cosmetics fan, who is constantly asked to share her beauty tips with her friends, shares her favorite tried and approved DIY cosmetics recipes to naturally pamper face, body and hair in our blog.

“Hi everyone, it’s Paola. I am writing this recipe from my apartment in Barcelona, where we are still under ‘confinamiento’. No need to go into detail about how, in the past months, our lives have changed. Our skin is a live reflection of our health, state of mind and the environment we are exposed to. Although our daily routines have drastically changed, we must focus on creating new and different habits, all aimed at making our lives simple, better and fulfilling. Let’s start together today!

Watch carefully, your skin is speaking out! It is noticing the changes in your diet, and the lack of sun which is translated into less and less Vitamins D production. As we are spending our days stuck in dry environments, it is causing our skin to lose its moisture.

The good news is, that I can share with you another amazing and easy DIY recipe to make cosmetics and skincare yourself. We will focus on replenishing that moisture in your skin. Our goal is to build your skin’s protective barrier with natural ingredients you have at home, that will help lock in your skin’s hydration making it soft and smooth.

To enhance the effect of this face mask even more, you can use a gentle face scrub before to remove dead skin cells. Keep your eyes peeled for my DIY natural face scrub recipe, which will be published very soon! :)

Why use Coconut oil, Honey and Lemon on your face?

Have a look at how this perfect trio can pamper your skin!

Coconut oil: with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits, coconut oil is said to help fight the signs of skin aging and has amazing moisturizing properties.

Honey: has anti-inflammatory properties and is a natural hydrant. Its moisturizing and soothing effects help hydrate the skin, contributing to the skin´s softness and radiance. It is also said to speed up the healing processes of your skin cells and can therefore alleviate acne-prone skin and even eczema.

Lemon juice: rich in Vitamin C and citric acid, lemon juice will help brighten your skin when used regularly. It’s time to bring that glow back to your face!


Ingredients and proportions to make your own face mask:

Making cosmetics yourself may sometimes be tricky. We have made sure to calculate precisely each ingredient and its perfect proportion to assure that you can replicate the recipe at home without any problem. We have made it easy for you to measure either with a kitchen scale or with your cutlery:

    You only need:

    • Coconut oil: 10ml or 2 soup spoons

    • Honey: 14ml or 1 soup spoon

    • Lemon: 2ml or 1 teaspoon

    Extra points if you use organic ingredients! :)

    How do I prepare my own honey, lemon and coconut face mask, step-by-step:

    Here are a few steps and tips we have gathered based on our own experience which we want to share so you can make your own face mask quickly and enjoy best results:

    1. Don’t worry if you see that your coconut oil is hardened. Just water bath it in a small bowl for some minutes until it starts melting. Make sure it is completely melted before adding the other ingredients, it will make it easier to mix them altogether.

      Tipp: If you see that your honey is not liquid or fluid enough to be mixed, fell free to water bath it as well.

      2. Take a mug, coffee cup or any container to mix the ingredients. First, add the coconut oil and then the honey. Mix them together with the small teaspoon spoon used before.

      Tipp: Do not pour away the hot water used for the water bath; it will be very useful later on.


      3. Add the lemon juice and continue to stir.

      4. Place the recipient in the hot water that was previously used for the water bath and continue stirring until all ingredients are well mixed together.

      How to apply:

      1. Clean your skin with your usual face cleanser

      2. Rinse thoroughly and towel dry

      3. Apply the whole mixture with your hands. Massage carefully in circles as you apply it all over you face areas. Don’t be scared to apply a bit of pressure to make sure the mask penetrates correctly. Tip: Apply on the décolleté and neck as well. It is an area most women forget to pamper but where the skin is very fragile and sensitive.

      4. Leave in for 10-15 minutes.  

      5. Cleanse with water and face cleanser.

      6. Your skin will feel very well moisturized, but if you want to you can apply your usual serum and cream afterwards.

      How often can you make your own face mask:

      You can start with once every 2 weeks. If you have time and feel like it, your skin will appreciate it every week.

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