Skincare tips for a natural GLOW

Skincare tips for a natural GLOW
Our skin glows when we are feeling great, when our body, mind and soul are in balance. And while adequate skincare is a must at every age, beauty comes from so much more than just the application of cosmetic products. It is our attitude towards life which radiates from us, the sum of many small gestures and rituals that make us feel and look great and sometimes younger than our biological age. Here are some tips and tricks to incorporate into your own beauty routine and prepare yourself today for a healthier and stronger tomorrow.

Take care of yourself to improve your quality of life

There are many ways to proactively approach the signs of aging caused by lifestyle or environmental influences. A balanced nutrition, an optimum amount of sleep for your body and no extensive sunbathing or nicotine are the most common actions to fight visible symptoms of age.

However, looking good at every age actually consists of a lot more than just aesthetic optimization. A holistic approach with harmonious mind, body and soul is crucial for sustainable well-being. For example, you can reduce and compensate everyday stress by practicing yoga or other relaxation techniques and exercise on a regular basis. It is all about incorporating little things into your every day life to live, feel and look your best at every age:

Coffee? Yes, please!*

*as long as it’s enhanced with on of these special health-boosters

Nothing wrong with having a cup of these coffee-specialties: „Smurf Cappuccino“ and „Gothic Latte“ are the latest trends from coffee houses all over the world. And there is a lot more to the luscious coffees than their bright-blue or pitch-black color…

Health-giving algae like spirulina not only give its distinctive color to the Smurf Cappuccino (and also smoothies and shakes); but furthermore, it enhances the drinks with valuable nutrients such as: vitamin B12 - which benefits your mood, energy level, heart, skin and hair -, as well as iron and protein. And „Gothic Latte“? The beautiful black foam is caused by activated charcoal; it works as a natural detox driver for your body, absorbs toxic agents and supports digestive health.


Haircare - from roots to ends


Using sunscreen is essential to avoid premature aging of the skin, but also to take care of our hair. UV radiation can severely damage your hair, even more so if it is already fragile from coloring or chemical treatments, turning it brash and frail and withdrawing all of its natural glow and elasticity. This might lead to breakage, discoloration and unruly strands. 

Always opt for a protective hair product that contains UV filters and provides extra protection from solar radiation. Available in many formats like sprays, lotions or creams, these protectors to offer deep hydration and prevent from damage. Full of proteins and anti-oxidants, they are reliable safeguards for your precious mane. On top of that, you might consider a nourishing hair regimen-routine, for example an after sun hair mask with avocado or coconut oil to restore its smoothness and shine.

The oil-revolution: Algae is your new Super Food

Long banned from our diets, thankfully the good reputation of vegetable oil has been restored some time ago. Especially the omega-9 fatty acids contained in olive oil are appreciated by nutrition experts. Although the body produces these itself in small quantities, regular supplementation is recommended. Nothing easier than that! A particularly high-quality alternative to olive oil is algae oil. Red, brown or green algae are central suppliers of fibre, proteins, vitamins A, B and K as well as iron and iodine. Other algae such as spirulina, chlorella or nori are also rich in vitamin B12 and offer an excellent source of replacement for the otherwise animal-based vitamin in vegetarian or vegan diets. But even in the form of highly concentrated oil, algae are true vital substance boosters and also taste of sea and sun. Tomorrow on the menu: a little taste of holidays!

On your fingertips

Water and soapy agents work reliably against dirt residues and make-up in the daily skincare ritual. But only a gentle face scrub removes excess dry skin, frees the pores and refines the skin's texture. That's why a mild peeling once or twice a week should also be part of your beauty routine.

Always opt for natural ingredients for your scrubs and peelings: Honey, for example, has a highly regenerative and antiseptic effect thanks to its antibacterial ingredients and antioxidants. Coconut is a moisturizing miracle that makes the skin resistant to environmental influences and pollution. And coffee is also rich in antioxidants and protects the skin from free radicals that can cause signs of aging. The coarse grain of ground coffee also removes dry, flaky skin and refines the skin's appearance. When these three ingredients are combined, they work wonders for a fresh and radiant complexion. 
So, let's mix AND SHINE:

DIY Coco-Honey-Coffee Scrub



½ tsp honey

1 tsp organic coconut oil

½ tsp ground coffee beans



  1. Mix the coconut oil, honey and ground coffee beans in a small bowl with a spoon.
  2. Apply the peeling in constant, rotating movement to your facial skin, sparing eyes, nose and mouth.
  3. Let peeling sit for 20 minutes (up to max. 60 minutes).
  4. Rinse and dry with a soft towel.

Applied once or twice a week, this DIY face scrub will cleanse your pores and give it a healthy, plump and fresh glow. Note: If you are sensitive to the effects of coffee, you might want to use this peeling only during day time.